Service and Maintenance

After you have successfully registered your offshore business, there are annual obligations and fees that you need to comply with. In general, there are three types of fees involved in maintaining an offshore company. These are the: government fee, professional fee and optional fee.

Government fee is the annual fixed amount that a country or jurisdiction charges to an offshore company, as prescribed by law. Depending on the jurisdiction, government fee is also called a registration fee, franchise tax or offshore exempt duty.

Professional fee is the amount paid by the company to the Registered Agent and Registered Office. The Registered Agent provides all the obligatory services in order to maintain the good standing status of the offshore company. By law, an offshore business must have a Registered Agent or a Registered Office, or both.

Optional fee refers to any amount paid annually, or as agreed-upon terms, by the company to the Registered Agent for optional services. The following services are not mandated by the laws governing offshore business. However, these services can contribute greatly to the efficiency of an offshore company’s business operation. Optional fee covers, but not limited to, nominee directorship and shareholding services, nominee account signatory service, mail and document handling service and other secretarial, legal and management services.

It is very important to pay for the annual fees and submit annual requirements on time. Each offshore jurisdiction has different guidelines and penalty for late payment and submission. Delayed or failure to pay the annual fees and submit annual requirements could result to striking-off of the offshore company.

Now, you don’t have to worry about remembering all the things mentioned above. We, at Incorplex, are here to make things easy for you. We will keep track of annual government fees and other matters to ensure that your offshore company will remain in good standing. We are dedicated to your business because our success depends on yours.