Nominee Directors and Shareholders

Nominee Services

We work with different types of clients - some of them have open schemes and business models while the others consider confidentiality as the paramount factor in their businesses.
In some jurisdictions company registrar is publicly available which means that your personal details and information about relation with the business can be easily accessible. If you are seeking for confidentiality obviously nominee service is something that you need.
In order to ensure a high degree of privacy for your company Incorplex offers services for the provision of nominee directors, shareholders and secretaries.
Nominee director and shareholder is obviously not the real owner of the company. It is a 3rd party person (non related to the beneficial owner) who is entitled to act on behalf of the beneficial owner upon client’s request.
A nominee service agreement will be signed in order to guarantee that the nominee director and shareholder will act only after client’s instructions and final approval.