Tax and Corporate Planning

The main attraction of offshore business is the concept of tax-haven. Having an offshore company allows owners or shareholders to minimize taxes and maximize profits. This concept must not be equated to tax evasion. Tax evasion is considered illegal in any government around the world. Establishing an offshore company is absolutely legal and acceptable by international trade and financial institutions. Offshore business is a legitimate way of expanding business operations, minimizing costs and maximizing profits.

We, at Incorplex, have a team of experienced and legal consultants to help you explore the possibilities of expansion by way of establishing an offshore business. Our consultants are knowledgeable on the taxation and offshore laws of the following areas and jurisdictions:

• Belize
• British Virgin Islands
• Cyprus
• Gibraltar
• Hong Kong
• Panama
• Seychelles

As an overview, Seychelles and Belize offer zero tax for all offshore companies. Tax exemptions, zero tax on dividends and other benefits are being offered by Gibraltar, Cyprus and Seychelles. A summarized comparison of tax advantages offered by the different offshore jurisdictions can be found on our Jurisdictions page.

We also provide expert advice on the legal requirements and other relevant laws governing offshore business of your company’s main country of operation. It is important to know the restrictions and guidelines of the country where a company operates as a resident. Disregarding these rules can jeopardize the legitimacy of an offshore business operation. It can also result to the imposition of heavy penalties.

If you want to take advantage of zero or minimum tax being offered by the established offshore jurisdictions, we would be glad to be of service to you. In addition to our expertise in this line of business, we offer you convenience and confidentiality. Contact us.